Chloe Kruselings Doll (Deluxe Set)

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Give your little one the gift of a lifetime! This adorable Poseable & free-standing Kruseling doll will capture the heart of all that see her! An all vinyly doll with adorable hear and lifelike expressions make her an instant winner!

Chloe has red hair and green eyes. She wears a lilac dress, shoes, magic brushes and of course her beautiful wings. Set also includes everyday wear of dotted dress, coat, boots and pink bag with hairbrush. 9 in. doll of high quality vinyl, with movable joints and life-like looking glass eyes.


" Hi, I’m Chloe! I try to see the best in everybody and everything. The art in my hometown of London, England teaches me to never stop creating and pushing boundaries. I rarely find myself in a corner I can’t paint my way out of! With a wave of my magic paintbrush I can turn nightmares into the sweetest dreams. When Luna and I combine my creativity with her puzzle-solving skills we make a very powerful pair! "





2 Outfits

Hairbrush & Accessories included

Suitable 3yrs+

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