Kruselings Book 1 Luna & the Land of Dreams

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The Kruselings first book, entitled Luna and the Land of Dreams.

It tells Luna's story, and introduces The Kruselings, as Guardians of Dreams.

The Kruselings' magic powers keep Dreamland safe from bad dreams. Read about how Luna realises she's one of the Kruselings. The crusade of the Kruselings is to save Dreamland, and to do so they must find out who is having these nightmares.

The adventures of the Kruselings are told in a series of books by the popular children's book author Boris Pfeiffer. - For years peace prevailed in the dream land until monsters emerged from the lake of dreams and destroyed it. Called by the bright red heart, the Fire Opal, five brave girls, Luna, Vera, Chloe, Sofia and Joy, try to protect people's dreams.

We recommend this book is purchased alongside the action dolls.

Beautifully illustrated book about Luna Kruseling.

Now you can get to know more about one of your heroes!

The Kruselings are the Guardians of Dreams. With their magic powers and help from their animal friends, they keep Dreamland safe from bad dreams.

In a dream Luna sees brightly coloured hearts flying up from a fire. Then suddenly in the middle of the night she is awakened by a tapping on her window pane. It is a golden heart. The heart leads Luna off to the Land of Dreams, where she learns she is one of the Kruselings. And there is more! Dreamland is in danger. Night after night the Rubbish Monsters have been emerging from the Sea of Dreams, creating havoc all over the land. To save Dreamland the Kruselings must find out who is having these nightmares.

Learning Outcomes

  • Imagination
  • Literacy
  • Social & Emotional


 175 x 251 x 9mm

 Hardback | 92 pages

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