Kruselings Book 2 Vera & the Wild Cats

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The Kruselings book 2, entitled Vera And The Wild Cats.

It tells Vera's story, and continues The Kruselings, as Guardians of Dreams.

The Krusellings are having a lot of fun with all the exciting dreams of Dreamland but then Vera's cat Koschka suddenly appears frightened and confused. It seems the animals are in danger and the Kruselings come to the rescue!

The Kruselings' magic powers keep Dreamland safe from bad dreams. Read about how Verta realises she's one of the Kruselings. The crusade of the Kruselings is to save Dreamland, and to do so they must find out who is having these nightmares.

We recommend this book is purchased alongside the action dolls, and after Book 1 Land of Dreams


 175 x 251 x 9mm

 Hardback | 92 pages

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